About Coffee Finesse

Coffee Finesse was created by coffee enthusiast who’s main goal is to eliminate the confusion that people may have when wanting to make their favorite caffeinated beverage.

David Cheung at Lake Tahoe

Hello and welcome! My name is David Cheung and I’m one of those people who HAVE to have their coffee before starting their days.

One morning, while I boil my water, prep pour over, power on my scale, I thought to myself… Wow, this is a pretty much a science experiment to some people.

That’s when I realized, making a cup of coffee can be difficult.

From making a simple pour over to decorating a latte.

After testing dozens of espresso to automatic machines, we attempt to make your caffeinated creations that much easier!

During my 3rd year at University, I worked part-time as a Starbucks barista. While I am by no means a professional coffee brewer, I believe my experience and knowledge can help guide to you to your coffee goals!

For this project, I want to attempt to create a knowledge hub that I could never find when I was attempting to create my favorite beverages.

I hope to succeed in this goal. I will give it my best effort because I think that everyone deserves a cup of happiness.

David Cheung
Founder of Coffee Finesse