Waka Coffee Review: A Worthy Instant Coffee

Waka Coffee

As an avid drinker of pour-over coffee and someone who absolutely dreads mornings, instant coffee has definitely run through my mind. Because of this, I’ve reached out to Waka Coffee and tried their instant coffee.

In this piece, I’m going to review Waka’s Coffee. You’ll learn who they are and what they have to offer.

Who Is Waka Coffee?

An instant coffee and tea company founded by David Kovalevski who had the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy coffee effortlessly. Waka Coffee values sustainability by using packaging that is 100% recyclable. Additionally, 4% of all profits go towards charity:water, who drive efforts of providing clean and safe drinking water to those who need it. 

What Does Waka Coffee Offer?

High-quality instant coffee that supports a great cause. With 100% single-origin Arabica beans that follow the freeze-drying method, each bag is 100% coffee with no fillers or additives. You can rest easy knowing that you’re drinking a quality cup of coffee. 

  1. Medium-Roast Columbian
Waka Coffee: Medium-Roast Columbian

Smooth consistency with flavor notes of chocolate, caramel, and sweet cream.

  1. Medium-Roast Columbian (Decaf) 
Waka Coffee: Medium-Roast Columbian Decaf

Lighter consistency and body with flavor notes of hazelnut, macadamia, and citrus.

  1. Light-Roast Indian
Waka Coffee: Light-Roast Indian

A balanced consistency with flavor notes of chocolate and cream. While there was no complexity, there was a delicious floral sweetness.

Overall, each offering had excellent and pronounced flavors. With the common flavor note of caramel, each one still brought something unique to the table. While drinking it black, I found no hints of bitter or foulness. Truly a wonderful cup of coffee. 

How To Brew:

Simplicity is instant coffee’s middle name:

  • Hot
    1. Add contents into a mug.
    2. Add hot water.
    3. Stir and enjoy.
  • Cold
    1. Add contents into a mug.
    2. Add 2 tablespoons of hot water and mix.
    3. Top off with cold water and add ice.
    4. Stir and enjoy.

How Much Do They Cost?

Waka Coffee offers 4 main buying options:

  • 8 Single-Serve Packets @ $11.99 ($1.49/serving)
  • 24 Single-Serve Packets @ 29.99 (1.24/serving)
  • 3.5 oz bag (35 Servings) @ 25.99 ($0.75/serving)
  • 8 oz bag (80 servings) @ 39.99 ($0.49/serving)

How It’s Made

  • Freeze Drying Method – Brewed Coffee is frozen at below -50C or -58F. The water in the brewed coffee is then converted to vapor and removed using a vacuum. This method allows for the preservation of aroma and flavors of coffee.

Should You Try It?

Absolutely, the coffee is super affordable and tastes great. There’s almost no risk in trying. At worst, if you don’t like it, it makes a great gift. At best, you like it and find your new go-to that’s also fast and convenient. 

If you fall into one of these, I’d highly recommend it:

  • You travel a lot. The easy-to-pack single packets are probably the best thing out there in terms of bringing coffee on the go. Just throw it into your bag and go!
  • You love sleeping in. Me too. Hey, they say those who are always late are optimistic thinkers! You just need to pour water in and you’re caffeinated!
  • You are always busy. Again, this is the best, fastest way to go from non-caffeinated to caffeinated.
  • You like trying new things. While instant coffee is often viewed as not “real” coffee. Waka coffee’s version is the real deal. Try it out and see for yourself!

Waka Coffee bonds the connection between high-quality taste and instant coffee. By offering instant coffee that’s 100% coffee, they set the standard for those to come.

If you’re someone who loves to drink great coffee and values convenience, versatility, and affordability, Waka Coffee is perfect for you.

To see what coffee-making methods are out there, check out our guide on the different coffee-brewing methods.

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